Ready for Choose Your Chirstmas Wig?

With the holiday season in full swing, Sterly has collected within 5 years’ Christmas orders and selected several popular wigs. Check out some of our absolute favorite that made the top of our nice list this year:

Blue Coloured Wigs 

The perfect hue to coordinate with winter themed looks. Pretty pastel blues add an icy edge and we love the addition of matching faux freckles. We have light blue and dark blue two options to let you choose.

Ginger Coloured Wigs

Warm orange ginger tones go hand-in-hand with winter season style, and look spectacular against porcelain skin.

Pink Coloured Wigs

The pink aesthetic continues to reign supreme and, much to our delight we’ve seen it incorporated into many a festive look this year.

Red Coloured Wigs

From candy cane cutie to candy cane critter, the popular festive shade of red is the ideal choice for a whole range of designs. We have dark burgundy, hot red and reddish brown three options to let you choose.

Green Coloured Wigs

The green and red colour combo makes up the traditional Christmas palette and just so happens to coordinate beautifully when it comes to hair and makeup.

Yellow Coloured Wigs

For a bright and bold, light-up effect, we love the addition of a yellow coloured wig. The super talented Isabelle tied in the luminous shade of the Yellow Lace Front Wig with tree lights and star topper.

Silver Coloured Wigs

You can’t go wrong with a metallic silver look during the festive season. The perfect excuse (like we need one) to pile on the glitter and sparkle for a pretty snow angel effect.

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