Pick Your Halloween Wig on Sterly!

The Halloween countdown has officially begun and the hunt for that perfect costume has undoubtedly started searching for the perfect fitting Halloween Wigs. Behold our list of the top Halloween Wigs based on predictions, sales and requests to date. Our rundown includes classic styles with a modern twist and some alternative gems that might just magic up that inspiration you've been searching for.

1. 99j Burgundy Wigs

2. Skunk Stripe Wig

A classic Halloween style with the added perk of a contoured, authentic hairline. The long black lace front wig exposes the face beautifully, ideal for showing off that gory makeup designed to be the focal point of your Halloween ensemble.

3. 613 Blonde Wig

An easy re-colored wig that makes a fitting accessory to a whole host of Halloween character costumes.

We can't wait to see your creations this Halloween. Stay creepy and creative!

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