How to Most Effectively Extend Your Wig's Lifespan

Of course, purchasing a wig that you are satisfied with and suitable is delightful. Still, there are many precautions for the usage, including the maintenance issues and the preservation after taking it off. Keeping wigs soft, shiny, and blemish-free is essential. Today let's talk about how to extend the lifespan of our wig effectively. Here are some practical tips that may help you.
1. Use A Mild Shampoo and A hydrating Conditioner Rich in Moisture
Before you get started, keep it in mind: not every shampoo and conditioner can be used to wash our wigs. Also, because of high-quality human hair material, it's essential to use the right hair-care products to maintain integrity, shine, and softness. Use a wide-tooth comb and a gentle way to wash it.
2. Wash Your Wig Regularly
The frequency of washing your wig is just as important as how you are washing your wig. It is crucial to perform a gentle wash upon your wig every couple of weeks, as dirt and sweat build up and will damage the integrity of the hair and its base. Of course, do not wash your wig too much either, as this can also be damaging. You do not need to wash it more than twice a month.
3. Don't Expose it to an Overheated Environment
If you have ever gone through a period of straightening or blow-drying your natural hair every day, you will understand how damaging it would be. It primarily works in the case of wigs, as natural hair oils do not restore moisture. Over time, it will have inevitable consequences such as tangle and hair loss.
4.Use Silk & Satin Bagand A Transparent Plastic Lock Bag
Most importantly, no matter which way you choose to store your wig, you need to pay attention to these points. Before storing wigs, they should be clean, washed, and dry; Avoid storing in direct sunlight, preferably in a cool place; Keep wigs away from curious children or pets.
After all, wigs are a luxury beauty investment. Hope the above steps can maximize the service life of your wig. Please check the HOT SELLING WIGS in our store, and you will get the most satisfying hair products ever.

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