A wig passes through many processes to become the lovely hairpiece we want to rock anywhere. Bleaching knots on lace front wigs is one added word in the hair vocabulary that signifies giving your wig a more finished and natural look. 

Although easy to achieve, this process can also ruin your wig if you do not have the proper skills or accurate measurements or texture when bleaching the knots on human hair wigs

Things you need to bleach knots on your HD lace wigs:

Protective gloves

A mixing bowl

15ml scooper

Aluminum foil

Brush applicator

Hair bleach

Developer 30

Neutralizing shampoo

Moisturizing Conditioner


Step 1 - Take 2 scoops of your human hair wig bleach powder into the mixing bowl; you can add a little bit more depending on the extent of the lace around your human hair wig. A lace frontal will take less bleach and a 360 lace wig will take more.

Step 2 - Now to the bleaching powder, shake the developer properly, and carefully add the developer and mix until a thin but consistent mixture is attained. Remember if your mixture is too thin, it will run through the lace onto the hair damaging the appearance of the root. However, if it is too thick, it will stay on top of the lace and will not be absorbed or evenly distributed to produce the desired result. The best consistency should look like smooth cottage cheese.

Step 3 - Flip the hair inside out to reveal the lace. However, before you do that, apply hair holding spray onto the hair and brush away the baby hair. You do not want to bleach these beauties.

If you are bleaching a new lace wig, trim off any excess lace leaving some in the front to enable you to customize your hairline. This allows for easier application and finer results.

Step 4 - Apply the bleach mixture using a brush; be gentle so it does not fall onto the hair. If you are wearing your wig in a ponytail, apply it all-round.

Step 5 - Cover the bleached part with a foil sheet and leave it for 10 minutes or more (again depending on the width of the lace). However, look at knots before you wash to make sure it is just what you need. 

Step 6 - Take the wig and wash the bleach off under running water; apply the shampoo and wash properly (do it twice to ensure the bleach is totally gone. 

Step 7 - Add the moisturizing conditioner, wash comb and rinse properly. 

Step 8 – Towel-dry the wig, allow it to dry and style as desired.

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