Back to School? Pick Wisely Yall!

Girls, summer is coming to an end, and we will soon be heading back to school. If you were a regular customer at Sterly before, I'm sure you're ready to wear a wig almost daily. So before getting back to school, pick wisely yall.
There are different wig options for everyone's needs, but for students, some principles have been established, such as ease of wear, ease of maintenance, etc. But one issue that is hard to ignore is the cost of wigs. It is well known that students spend less on wigs or non-essential items. So often, we need to choose the right product for our financial and personal needs. Each wig has its different price according to its production difficulty. Next, I will introduce the types of wig products currently on the market and their price range. Human hair wigs are more suitable for long-term use needs, so this article only introduces the price of human hair wigs, not including the price of synthetic wigs.

1. Drawstring Ponytail Hair Extensions Wig ($70-100)
As the name suggests, this wig will give you a ponytail extension. You can add a section of your desired ponytail style to the original tightly tied ponytail to expand the length and achieve your personalized ponytail hairstyle. You can choose to attach a straight ponytail extension to your curly native hair ponytail, or you can choose to attach a curly ponytail extension to your straight ponytail native hair. In short, it's low cost and value. Optional lengths are available, and the price increases accordingly for longer lengths.

2. Headband Wigs ($60-250)
If you don't have time to wake up in the morning, repeatedly glued and adjusted wigs may not be suitable for you because they will take away your precious time after waking up in the morning. Headband wigs are a high-quality option if you prefer to sleep a little longer instead of waking up half an hour early in the morning to take care of and wear a wig. Headband wigs are exactly what the name suggests, wig and headband. Headband wigs are a solution that performs a "virtual" hairline by covering the ideal hairline that cannot be achieved with a regular wig. All you have to do is put it onto your head to fix and adjust the position, and the required time is short, making it ideal for the morning hours.

3. V-Part/U-Part Wig ($70-270)
V-Part/U-Part wigs can be said to be widely used wigs we can see in our daily lives. It has many advantages, such as being easy to install and an almost senseless wearing experience, which can enhance your experience greatly!

But for students, if you are not one of those who are looking for the best quality and the best results, and you don't need to attend parties and perform on stage, you probably don't need HD lace much. However, everything about your economic conditions speaks. You can buy it if you are willing to use it compared to the lace wig for expensive tens of dollars in exchange for better results. In addition, if your skin tone is darker, you can also choose HD lace. This way, the wig will be of great value to you.

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